Floating Belt

Foam Belts - 3/4/5 Foam Pieces

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14 x 12 x 3cm * 3 blocks

14 x 12 x 3cm * 4 blocks

14 x 12 x 3cm * 5 blocks

HIGH DENSITY & LARGE BUOYANCY - EVA environmentally friendly materials, after the SGS international safety test. High foam processing technology, safer and more buoyancy. Lightweight and small size. No odor, no fading, quick drying and comfortable fit. The internal quality is solid, durable, water resistant, grease resistant, acid and alkali resistant chemicals.

COMFORTABLE FIT & ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE - 3 / 4 / 5 blocks combination, remove floats according to your need. Swim belt adopts adjustable buckle design, which can adjust the length of the belt according to your body. The belt is double-needle sewing, the structure is firmer, the product is more durable and safer.

TRAINING AID FOR SWIMMING BEGINNERS - Suitable for beginners of swimming at any age. Swimming belt is good for swim training and teaching specific strokes, bubbles don't get in the way of swimming like arm floats. Perfect gift for swimming assist equipment.

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