Jelly hand Grip

Jelly Loop

Model/Item No. Material
EVA_1060 TPR
Country of Origin Color
TAIWAN Blue and Yellow
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1 PC / PVC BOX (14x4x15.5cm)

Length: 74.5 cm


Benificer resistance bands set targets your arms, hands, shoulders, neck, stomach, legs, feet, and joints. It helps motion, and aids in injury recovery. Great for warming up for sports and for improving your exercise and yoga skills.

The ring stretch band and resistance bands are practical, can achieve the training effect of exercise equipment, and does not take up space. The carrying bag makes it easy to bring them to the gym, office or travel. 

Use resistance bands set do some stretching exercises can improve your body's flexibility and relax yourself. Different postures has different training effects, It also can exercise your muscles and helps lose weight.

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